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  • Dear Madam,(Bidisha)    Very thankful to trustmedi for their cooperative behavior and guidance. Because of you I am able to do my Covid-19 test, and now I am fully recovered and resumed my normal life. Thank you once again to Miss Bidish... Read full

    Sidhartha Dey

    Business Professional

  • Dear all group.                       Your valuable time spend with us so thank you for your nice support to me and all middle class family  may god give you strength for the same. I would like to say you all of ... Read full

    Mahesh Mehta

    Account and Admin

  • Hi, I'm glad to write this to whom it may concern,for sharing how it felt when you actually need a help and someone just appears as if God sent him to. Few days back I came to know about trustmedi in a workshop at our office only and got h... Read full

    Amrita Chatterjee


  • Dear sir/madam Greetings   This is to inform you that I have taken services from your organization from PRITY for lineup of Doctors. First service was for myself for ENT, I got very good support from PRITY. I was very much sat... Read full

    Harjeet Walia

    CMD Great Seven Group

  • Dear Madam, (somdatta)   Very thankful to trust medi for their cooperative behaviour and guidance. Because of you I am able to take appointment of Dr. Sudip Bhattacharya.    Thank you  Sankar   

    Mr Sankar

    Self Employed

  • Hi Trustmedi, I would like to say that this type of healthcare support service should always be there with everyone.Thank you Dr Dipankar Sarkar who guided me for the furthur treatments to be done and would like to thanks Prity for her sincere... Read full

    Dipankar Dey


  • I would like to start with I heard about you guys on a local radio but never really thought of using the services! I happened to look for a doctors appointment ; when an associate Prity calls up from Trust Medi. It was a massive help that you ... Read full

    Kaushik Mukherjee

    DJ and Music Producer

  • Hi, I am satisfied with your ( service. We could get the doctor's (Dr.Indranil Saha- Neuro Psychiatrist) appointment and contact details. Patient's name is Vandana Prakash   Regards, Dimpy Prakash ... Read full

    Dimpy Prakash

    Working Professional

  • Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing  and recommending strategies for contact the famous Doctors. Specially Sm Priti Basu Mallick a very helpful and gave me a n... Read full

    Buddhadeb Chatterjee

    Rtd Govt Employee

  • Today was the first time I used TrustMedi services and I was delighted with the experience!  We had an excellent consultation with ENT specialist, Dr Bidhan Chaudhauri and found his manner and advice very re-assuring. Thank you for arran... Read full

    Nandini Sarkar


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