Testimonial by Amrita Chatterjee

  • Hi,

    I'm glad to write this to whom it may concern,for sharing how it felt when you actually need a help and someone just appears as if God sent him to. Few days back I came to know about trustmedi in a workshop at our office only and got handful info from Rajiv regarding actually and basic requirement of our life like medical. Today only I was looking for a help with regards to the same. Then I thought of Rajiv and told him all these. He has been so helpful and so quick in responding that too during a busy schedule of a normal working day. Not only that, he also provided adequate details of the help which made me feel better even in that suffering when I was actually waiting for the medicine to do this. Hence I thank you -TRUSTMEDI for you are really a promising team towards the work you pledge to do for the sake of humanity and many more. Thank you indeed. Looking forward to get this quality of service for many more years ahead. What else can I ask for?
    Best wishes

    Amrita Chatterjee


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