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Are you at your ideal body weight? Instantly discover your ideal weight as per age, sex and height to smartly work towards perfection. Find out now..

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Body Mass Index BMI

Measure your body’s mass and discover your fitness levels. Find out now...

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Waist to Hip Ratio WHR

The WHR is a great indicator of your health. A well shaped body means a Well Balanced Health. Find out now..

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Body Fat Percentage BFP

How much extra fat are you carrying? Take a quick test and know how much fat do you really need to lose. Find out now..

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Target Heart Rate THR

This target heart rate calculator gives you a range between 60% - 80% exercise intensity, meaning the top number is the minimum amount of beats per minute and the bottom is the maximum

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Protect your little one from infections, diseases, and viruses to ensure their perfect health with timely vaccines and immunisations. Simply register your child for the Trustmedi Vaccination Tool and receive timely reminders and notifications

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