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Find the right doctor, clinic, path labs and hospital, near your area. Book an appointment with your doctor instantly and avoid waiting room. Get online consultation facilities here.
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Trustmedi provides you with India’s most comprehensive and trustworthy healthcare directory. Get a GP, Dentist, Cardiologist, Nnephrologist, IVF specialist, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist, Pediatrician, Orthopedic doctor.

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Trustmedi offers a fully comprehensive and ever growing list of professional service providers in the fields of healthcare, wellness and beauty service providers across the country. Choose Trustmedi as your healthcare partner to get services anytime, anywhere.

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Revolutionary health solutions and optimal care at the convenience of your own home. Avail medical assistance from physiotherapists, nurses, physicians and experts for post-surgical care, new-born care, elderly care and more.



Locate emergency healthcare providers around you at the time of crises through the Trustmedi one-tap SOS feature. Easy search and booking for Diagnostic Centres, Blood Banks, Ambulance Services, Doctors and Hospitals.


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At Trustmedi, you can instantly consult, find expert doctors and avail the solutions for you and your family. Just a touch and we will provide service to any non-emergency health-related or medical problems that you may have and wants to just resolve it within seconds. Connect with doctors 24X7 via call, text or video chat.

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