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New model to predict which patients may develop heartbeat irregularities - The Rahnuma Daily

The Rahnuma Daily

Mid-adult man clutching his chest in pain with a possible heart attack. He wears a blue, button down dress shirt. Heart disease. Washington, Oct 25 (IANS) A new model that uses machine learning, whi… [+1454 chars]

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#HealthBytes: How can a high-protein diet help you? - NewsBytes


  • Protein plays a key role in important bodily functions such as balancing hormones, enzymes, and cell repair and maintenance. This is why people who do intense workouts regularly are on high-prot… [+2556 chars]

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  • As holidays near, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, putting families in a quandary about celebrations and travel - The Washington Post

    The Washington Post

    Covid doesnt care that its a holiday, and unfortunately covid is on the rise across the nation, she said. Now is not the time to let our guard down and say its the holiday and lets be merry. I think … [+12086 chars]

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    COVID Interventions Can Reduce Infection Rates: Study -

    Non-pharmaceutical interventions such as voluntary shelter-in-place, quarantines, and other steps taken to control the novel coronavirus can reduce the peak number of infections, daily infection rate… [+2846 chars]

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    Top health official in Illinois breaks down announcing COVID-19 deaths - New York Post

    New York Post

    Illinois’ top health official broke down as she announced the coronavirus death toll in the Prairie State. Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Illinois’ Public Health Director, on Friday first started sniffing loudly … [+1218 chars]

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    Best and worst sources of fats to eat when following a keto diet - Times of India

    The Times of India

    When it comes to healthy fat for the keto diet, then your priority should be Monounsaturated Fats (MUFAs). This kind of fat is considered good for lowering the blood pressure, improving cholesterol l… [+123 chars]

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    Cervical cancer-Role of Human Papilloma virus and screening - The Sangai Express

    Dr Ayekpam Anil MeiteiWorldwide, Cancer of the Cervix is the 4 th most common cancer and commonest gynaecological cancer in women.It constitutes about 6.6% of all cancers diagnosed in female in 2018,… [+7443 chars]

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    Love lockdown sees STI reports plummet in Ireland - Irish Mirror

    Irish Mirror

    A love lockdown has seen the number of STIs reported over the last three months plummet compared to the same time last year. Covid-19 restrictions like social distancing have meant the number of sex… [+2594 chars]

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    North Wales coronavirus area breakdown as death toll rises - North Wales Live

    Daily Post

    There have been a further 165 cases of coronavirus recorded in North Wales in the past 24 hours, according to figures released by Public Health Wales today (October 25). Three new deaths related to… [+3699 chars]

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    Covid-19: Vaccine storage issues could leave 3 billion people without access - Hindustan Times

    Hindustan Times

    The chain breaks here, in a tiny medical clinic in Burkina Faso that went nearly a year without a working refrigerator. From factory to syringe, the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccine candid… [+2613 chars]

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    Coronavirus: Here is why the early intervention of testing and diagnosis is important - The Indian Express

    The Indian Express

    In order to debunk a few myths and answer some questions, Dr Patil explains the kind of different tests being done in the country to diagnose COVID-19 and its accuracy.(Photo: Pixabay)The pandemic is… [+3103 chars]

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    Woman may be the UK's longest COVID-19 sufferer after 'catching virus last Christmas' - Yahoo India News

    Yahoo Entertainment

    A woman who believes she was the first British person to catch coronavirus says she is still suffering from symptoms 10 months on. Nicola Kimberley, 53, claims she caught the virus last year while t… [+2286 chars]

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    Researchers Discover New Mechanism Causing Alzheimer’s Disease -

    Japanese researchers have discovered a new mechanism by which clumps of tau protein — found in brain cells — are created in the brain, killing brain cells and causing Alzheimer’s disease. A specific… [+2795 chars]

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    Study finds bone density associated with its regular use - ANI News

    ANI News

    ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2020 20:36 IST Washington [US], October 25 (ANI): A recent study suggested the effect of the lifestyle of an individual, especially women on their bone and bone density.Resear… [+2971 chars]

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    Coronavirus cases in the Netherlands hit new record, up by more than 10000 -

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands jumped by more than 10,000 in 24 hours, hitting a new record, data released by the National Institute for Public Health (… [+246 chars]

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    Herpes Infection May Impair Your Brain Development -

    Three cell-based models shed light on how herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection, which can spread to the fetal brain during pregnancy, may contribute to various neurodevelopmental disabilitie… [+2349 chars]

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    MOH advises temporarily ceasing use of 2 flu vaccines after deaths in South Korea - CNA


    SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised that the use of two influenza vaccines in Singapore be "temporarily ceased" as a precautionary measure after deaths were reported in South Korea fo… [+3669 chars]

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    Severe Covid-19 symptoms may prolong for 20 days, suggests study - Hindustan Times

    Hindustan Times

    Researchers suggested that people who show severe Covid-19 infection might shed the virus and hence be infectious for as long as 20 days. Whereas, the infection does not last for more than 9 days in… [+1871 chars]

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