• 0.6year


  • Marketing & Sales


  • Pursuing graduation in Science, Technology, Computer Application may apply


We are looking for individuals who believe they are GOOD. Who want to learn and earn simultaneously.

Individuals who love to talk, and sell their ideas, with keen interest and curiosity towards software, ecommerce and healthcare based technology

We would like to train them to become our brand ambassadors. The said individuals will learn the following

0-3 months

  1. Adapting to Professional work environment
  2. Effective communication to sell
  3. Basic Excel, Word and Powerpoint skills
  4. Trustmedi Product and Service training

3-6 months

  1. Closing deals
  2. Achieving targets
  3. How to get incentives

Each individual will be made to go through rigorous training in the intial months and thereafter stipend and incentives shall be awarded to only those your qualify to work further

So, if you want to make a career in software sales, understand the online marketing business, and willing to travel the length and breadth of the city/country to achieve your goals, please apply.

Morning / Evening College Students who wish to start developing their career path in Sales and Marketing need apply only.

Age limit - 18 - 25 years. Minimum tenure of work - 9 months

Awareness of healthcare products and services, and the current market news will be an added advantage to clear the interview rounds.

Share your CV and a writeup about your reason for this application (not more than 200 words. You may also email them to hr@trustmedi.com

All the Best!



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