Priyojon General Hospital

Priyojon General Hospital


Cardiologist, Orthopedist, Neurologist, General Surgeon, General Medicine
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    Garpar 5 Point | 17/A, Bipradas Street, Near Deaf & Dumb School, Kolkata-700009



    Open 24x7

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Priyojon General Hospital with its integrated & hightech infrastructure, state of the art operation theaters, highly intellectual medical professionals widely experienced nursing dtaff, specially trained paramedics who keep ahead of the latest technology place the hospitalon the highest pedestal of quality professional care thus acknowledheging value of money. Situated at an easily accessible location from all parts of the metro the best professional help is virtually at your door step. The communication is give you and your family basic information about the facilities and services available Kolkata. It will be your privilege to provide you with this information and any questions can be directed to the concerned persons in the respective department.

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