What Causes Earache?
Earache is pretty normal in children but adults may suffer from an earache too.  It may be constant or occasional. In any case, visit an ENT specialist is a must. Here, we have explored a few reasons that might cause an earache:
1. Earwax blockage
Earwax blockage or cerumen impaction occurs due to excessive earwax production. It is also caused when the existing wax is pushed too far into the ear canal. In many cases, people often cannot hear anything with the affected ear. This typically lasts until you remove the excess wax. Often, home treatments work but it’s suggested to visit the doctor to eliminate the blockage.
2. Swimmer’s Ear
Also known as outer ear infection, it affects the outer opening of the ear and the ear canal connecting the eardrum to the outer part of your ears.  The medical term for this condition is otitis externa. Swimmer’s ear is the most common type of otitis externa. Here, the infection often occurs due to exposure to moisture. 
3.  Otitis Media
Otitis Media or middle ear infection is caused when a virus or bacteria inflames the area behind the eardrum. The condition is very common in Kids. This infection mostly occurs during the winter and early spring. Often, this goes away without any medication. However, if pain persists, you need to seek medical attention.
4. Sinus Infection
Sinuses are small air pockets located just behind your nose, forehead, cheekbones, and eyes. The sinuses produce mucus that protects your body by trapping germs. Sometimes, the germs and bacteria may result in too much mucus formation, thus blocking the openings of your sinuses. Excess mucus production is common if you are suffering from cold or allergies.
5. Mastoiditis
 Mastoids are a part of your ear which is made of air sacs resembling a sponge. It’s not solid. The mastoid needs air from other parts of the ear, for functioning properly. Now, the Eustachian tube connects the back of your throat to your middle ear. And is infection an infection develops in your middle ear, blocking your Eustachian tube, it may infect the mastoid bone.
Do not ignore any kind of ear pain otherwise, it may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. 
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