Walking to Weight-loss!


Walking, although seems simple, is a power-packed method of enhancing your fitness while shaping up to your desired weight. So, why not walk your way to a “perfect” figure/physique. Here’s a quick list of tips and techniques you must keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of your brisk walk regime. Read on...

Step 1: Choose The Right Gear- The right pair of walking shoes can go a long way in ensuring support to your feet and sole during the activity. Footwear specially designed for walking and jogging contain arches for to maintain pace and motion while also protecting your ankles from injuries.

Step 2: Maintain Your Posture- The way your foot lands on the ground can determine the efficiency of your walk. For maximum benefit, try walking by touching your heel to the ground first rather than going toe first. This shall increase the stretching of your Achilles tendon. Additionally, check whether you maintain a straight posture by keeping your back aligned and pushing your shoulders behind.

Step 3: Walk Faster with Shorter Strides- Long and slow strolling for long distances tire you without helping you burn enough fat and calories. It is advisable for you to walk faster which is only possible if you take shorter strides. This also aids in fat and flab loss.

Step 4: Use Your Arms- Whilst walking, try keeping your arms closer to your body, only bending them at 90 degrees, and swinging them back and forth. Swinging your arms vigorously utilises more muscles and therefore, burns more fat.

Step 5: Do Interval Lunges- Once you ensure the initial four steps, you can take this activity up by a notch. Simply squeeze in a 10-15 lunges between every stride. You can even alternate the two, by walking for 5 minutes, continuing lunges for a minute and then walking again. Lunges promote the health, tone your body and strengthens your core and lower back muscles.

How to perform lunges? While in your straight posture: Step forward with one leg, so both legs are wide apart; continue to lower your hips and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Your front knee is to be placed directly above your ankle, and the other knee should not be on the ground. To complete one repetition, continue the same process with your other leg.

Just walking may not be enough to reach your ideal weight. You must maintain a balanced diet, drink enough water, and steer clear from junk foods.