Source: Healthline

Conventional hip replacement surgery has gradually evolved over the past few years with quick recovery and low risk of complications. Subchondroplasty comprises of a bone substitute injection. It is an easy, less invasive and quick recovery treatment compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.

Few orthopedic surgeons are beginning to utilize this procedure which uses certain compounds to fill gaps in damaged joints instead of swapping that joint with an artificial one. However, subchondroplasty cannot be used for everyone requiring hip replacements. This method can be used for young patients but in case of adults, if arthritis has progressed too far, it may not be possible to save the joint.

According to orthopedics, if it is a condition of edema bruising the bone below the cartilage, or formation of cysts in the bone as a result of damage to the joint, this new procedure could be a fast and easy option.The bone substitutes which are injected hardens in the breaks of the weakened bones. With time, the bone is able to regenerate as well as replace the compound with the new bone. Orthopedic surgeons still call this a surgery but it is much simpler to inject a compound rather than inserting an artificial object weighing around 800 grams.

Traditional hip replacements require patients to remain in the hospital for a few days. This is followed by home rest for a couple of weeks and using crutches to walk around. This new method allows patients to return home on the very day of being injected and spend a maximum of two weeks on crutches.

Moreover, subchondroplasty helps to avoid clotting and infections which are generally followed by hip replacements. It also helps avoid some of the clotting and infection complications that can come with hip replacements. As this is a new procedure, limited information is available about its long-term success.

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