Meditation- Health Benefits

Other than being an excellent stress buster, a regular regime of meditation holds a spectrum of health benefits for your insides and out. Surprisingly, it is a viable method of treatment in conventional health care. Its effects have been under the radar of scientific researchers for a number of years now and new health benefits of meditation are being discovered every other week. But, being a practice of the mind, body and soul, it requires continual effort from the doer’s end alongside regular practice. If you’re looking for mental and physical fitness, read on to know the amazing benefits of everyday meditation...

Relieves the symptoms of stress

According to various scientific studies, meditation has shown to lower the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, thus effectively reducing stress. In a recent survey in Zeidan, it was seen that 20 min of meditation can decrease stress to almost 39 percent. Being a body-mind complementary medicine meditation can create a tranquil mind and help you get rid of stress and anxiety.

Improves your body’s immunity

Meditation is effectively known to protect the body from various types of infections and diseases. Relaxation appears to boost the immunity, which protects the body from various types of cancer while giving the body a greater resistance to tumors and viruses. Even though the exact reason behind this is not known, but according to the journal of Translational Psychiatry, it was said that medication can shift the gene expression while affecting its molecular mechanism, that directly impacts on body’s immune system.

Increases fertility

A clear and stress-free mind is very important, especially if you are someone who trying to conceive. Increased anxiety and stress can produce prolactin and cortisol, which can interfere with normal ovulation. Other than this, meditation can also help to increase sperm count while also boosting a man’s fertility.

Helps in lowering high blood pressure

Meditation lowers body’s response to stress hormones, which can effectively lower high blood pressure. Meditation works the same way just like as any blood pressure lowering medication. If you’re ailing from the disease and want to keep your heart healthy, try to meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes and increase the duration as you go ahead.

Helps in relieving irritable bowel syndrome

Scientific studies have shown patients who practised meditation or yoga twice a week, observed significant improvement in their symptoms of bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and irritable bowel movement. In fact, meditation is known to be so effective, that lots of renowned medical research institutes recommend this as an effective treatment.

Helps you focus better

Meditation can significantly improve your ability to become more attentive and help to prevent various emotional distractions. According to a study from West Forest School of Medicine, it was seen that a group of people who performed 20 min of meditation for 4 days, showed improved ability to concentrate and focus than the group that didn’t. Meditation also provides emotional balance and helps you to deal with feelings, better.

Strengthens your body and relieves pain

Mindful meditation can help to ease chronic discomforts like neck and back pain, along with other diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia and headaches. Even though meditation may not cure the disease completely, it helps you sleep better and distract your mind, and therefore, prevents you from feeling the pain.

So, if you’re looking reap wonderful health benefits and keep yourself, fitter, in and out, you must incorporate simple and effective meditation techniques in your busy schedule. If you’re busy to spare even 5 minutes for your health, you should rather spend 20... Well, isn’t health the real wealth?