Manscaping: 5 Healthy Reasons to do it!

Often used to describe the process of hair removal in men, Manscaping is practised to keep the body clean and promote hygiene. Well, without beating around the bush here, it does entail shaving all areas that have hair growth like the underarms, chest, as well as the pelvic area. It may seem like a complicated process that may cause injuries, but, the various biological reasons benefits that make it worth every man’s while. Although facial hair is healthy for your body, body hair can bring you a host of negative effects than you know. So men, listen up! Here’s how manscaping helps you…

Helps Combating Infections

One of the major notable cause of yeast infection among men is the lack of proper hygiene. Not shaving your private parts often leads to accumulation of human waste down there, which gives rise to various bacterial and yeast infections. Keeping it clean helps to prevent the growth of these micro organisms, that thrives in the pubic hair. Other than this, manscaping also reduces crotch stink and the risk of developing STDs or sexually-transmitted diseases.

Reduces Sweating

Body odour is potentially embarrassing and is one of the common reason why shaving body hair is important. Even though it's not the hair that smells, but the body hair reduces the air exchange and traps the sweat in your body, triggering the growth of odour causing bacteria on your skin. Also, along with lowering body odour, less body hair helps in better regulation of body temperature as well. They release the excess body heat, keeping you cool, and risk of sun strokes at bay.

Prevents Painful Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is a condition where the body hair curls up inside the skin, or grows sideways, and leads to the formation of small bumps on the body. They are often painful and can get in the way of a good intercourse, especially if it occurs in the pubic area. But, contrary to the belief, it is observed that regular shaving down there, can actually decrease the number of ingrown hairs in the body. Initial manscaping might cause it, but it will gradually decrease and completely disappear with time.

Makes You Look Younger

Along with the above benefits, manscaping can also repair the early signs of ageing, and slow down the wrinkling process. It is a fact that men with less body hair, tend to look younger compared to those with more body hair. Regular shaving hides the gray hairs on your body, which enhances your appearance and makes you look young.

Improves Sex Life

Excessive body hair can often get into the way of sexual pleasure, and create a barrier between you and your partner. Manscaping can help to enhance your sex life, as it prevents the body hair from interfering in your pleasure spot. According to a study from Indiana University, shaving regularly increases the odds of oral sex and improve intimacy among partners. So manscaping is both hygienic and beneficial for you.

Razors, Trimmers or Hot Wax are a few options that can be considered if you’re looking to manscape. But, it all depends on the area of the hair removal. Waxing is the best option for pelvic or genital hair removal, as there is a reduced risk of cuts and injuries, whereas, if you’re planning to trim you can use a crop trimmer. If you generally face post-shave rashes or allergies on your body, you must speak to a dermatologist or skin expert.