Keeping a Beard? 6 Health Benefits

Along with an increased confidence and an alpha male look, keeping a beard ensures good health in numerous ways. According to Journal of Hospital Infection, clean-shaven men are more prone to infections and skin diseases as compared to bearded men. So, here’s why you shouldn’t wait for the ‘No Shave November’ episode to reap the 6 amazing health benefits of growing your facial hair.

Protects You From Skin Cancer

Scientific research shows that 4 out of every 5 males suffer from basal cell carcinoma in their face, neck and head. Growing a beard is known to effectively reduce this risk by 95 percent. Facial hair protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, prevents skin damage, while reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Reduces Asthma & Allergy Symptoms & Maintains Hygiene

Beards are known to keep microscopic allergens and foreign bodies from entering your system, therefore, acting as a filter and improving immune system function. This helps lower allergy and asthma symptoms. But, you must clean and wash your beard regularly to remove accumulated allergens, bacteria, germs and dirt.

Keeps Illness At Bay

Facial hair is a natural way of preventing illnesses and keeping your body warm. It acts as an insulator for your body and keeps your health perfect and averting cold, cough and other illnesses. So, the thicker the beard, the more protected you are!

Protects Against Skin Infections

Your beard protects your skin pores by preventing various bacterial contaminations that are likely to cause infection. Beards help you avert infections like hair ingrowths and folliculitis (infection in follicles) by reducing bacterial growth and accumulation on your skin.

Gives You A Natural Blemish-free Skin

Facial skin problems like ingrowths, razor cuts and patchy growth factors that can be averted by growing and maintaining a healthy beard. You may also experience a blemish-free skin that helps in delaying the process of ageing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thus, giving you a clear skin with zero acne growth.

Acts As A Natural Moisturiser For The Facial Skin

Facial hair can help you to trap the moisture and battle dry and rough skin. Secreted by the sebaceous gland, the natural oils keep your skin soft, supple and clean. So, no matter how dry or cold the weather is, your beard’s natural moisture-lock feature provides you with a glowing and naturally moist facial skin.

So, you can now grow a beard carefree for your good health all year round.