Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Smoking much? Or hovering on your favorite cuppa too many times a day? The chief Spokesperson of Academy of General Dentistry speaks about how certain habits and lifestyle choices could be harming your dental health, and how to keep your smile healthy and pretty by avoiding these five bad oral health habits. Read on...


Cigarettes and various other tobacco and nicotine products can cause several gum diseases causing the teeth to become yellow, gradually leading to decay and finally fall out.


Various carbonated drinks like sodas contain citric and phosphoric acids, that are known to erode the tooth enamel. They are also high in sugar content that is also responsible for damaging your teeth. So excessive consumption of these sodas can permanently wreck your teeth.

Drinking too much Coffee

Excessive consumption of coffee can lead to yellowing of teeth because of the caffeine and acids present in it. Even though coffee can stain your teeth, but it is one of the easiest stains to treat by various whitening methods.

Grinding your Teeth all the time

Habits like bruxism, or as we commonly call it grinding of teeth, can gradually wear down your teeth over time. Mainly known to be caused by stress and sleeping habits, excessive grinding can erode away the teeth enamel, thus making it weak and sensitive.

Chewing ice

A lot of people have the habit of chewing on ice, which is one of the leading causes of teeth damage among people. Munching on frozen ice cubes can cause chipping and can crack your teeth. So Next time you get the urge for ice, chew some sugarless gum instead.