Dance Movement Therapy

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Suffering from back pain? Do your arms and/or legs ache from time to time? Well, if the answer is yes, read along. If your answer is NO, then keep dancing in your life.

As we grow up and then grow old, our body adapts to age-related restrictions and evolutions. None are bad – it’s part of life.

Most of us attribute pain and body ache to physical activity that may have gone wrong. We bear it, hoping that it would go away. In fact, many of us simply ignore it, believing that its age-related, hereditary or even attribute the pain to our food habits.

While all the above may or may not be true, one thing stays – THE PAIN.

We pop medicines, find ‘quick relief” tricks and even promise ourselves that we will start exercising from the next instant because a wise soul would have told us that exercising helps relieve the pain.

A percentage of cautious and wellness conscious people would rightfully visit a doctor and go through the regime of tests and findings they are prescribed with.

Only a few try to understand the pain, their own body definition/constitution and work towards eliminating the problem. is a 360-degree online platform catering to health and wellness and is committed to increasing this set of the population through continued knowledge sharing. We want to touch as many lives as we can be creating a transparent and comprehensive healthcare platform for all.

Today, our lives are stressful. Be it a kindergarten child or an octogenarian – life is complex; living is a combination of rules, methods, systems, and family, of course.

Simply put, we need to live.

And to live a life happily, we need to be healthy.

To be healthy, we should be aware of OUR health.

Let us look at this example - My sibling keeps gallivanting around the world, climbing trees and mountains and writing about her travel escapades (note, she is a human sister of mine!)  – I cannot. I have been advised not to exert physically as this may cause the tear in my muscles. We are sad, unhappy and thus become unhealthy.

To alleviate pain, one should move regularly. It is an investment for your mind, body, and soul. Probably the most integrated and wholesome movement to battle an ailment is a routine that includes dance. Dance is that form of physical activity that rejuvenates mind, body, and soul. Our senses work to play in unison when we dance – the sound, sight, and touch lead to emotional wellness. Essentially dance is an art form, which improves the emotional balance in our self. And, dance movement therapy rests between the art and science of physical health theories and research findings to build mental or emotional wellness.

Dance Movement Therapy is the use of coordinated movement and dance to support the physical and mental functions of the body. Marian Chace is considered as the founder of this therapy. She spearheaded the movement of dance in the medical system as a form of therapy.

But, why is dance movement therapy is different from regular dancing?

Dance is an art that consists of a sequence of movements in a systematic manner. Regular dancing helps in maintaining agility and consistent cognitive ability.

Dance movement therapy is advised to treat an ailment. For example, there is substantial evidence of dance movement therapy being advised to patients suffering from eating disorder. In fact, in the US of A, there are several centers across the country offering dance movement therapy for an eating disorder.

The PAIN shall be relieved when the body becomes agile and robust through enjoyable therapies such as this. Additionally, dance being an art form is food for the mind and soul as well. Follow the link below to know about Dance Movement Therapy.