Avoid These Food Items To Stay Healthy
If you are trying to eat healthily then this article is a must read for you!
Every day you meticulously count your calories, watch your portions and do everything under the sun to stay healthy. But there are certain food items that you need to eliminate from your diet chart for the sake of your health. These look apparently harmless but certainly increase your risk of obesity and other diseases. Take a look:
1. Preserved Fruit Juice
Do not get fooled by the “100% fruit Juice” label on those shiny and attractive packages of preserved fruit juices in the super markets. Commercially available fruit juice contain too much fructose and not to mention added preservatives. These are far from healthy.  While whole fruits too contain fructose but they are also loaded with essential vitamins, fibre, nutrients, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients that are not present in preserved fruit juices. So, avoid smoothies and juices from the store.
2. Fat-Free Yoghurt
Do you think that the fat-free yoghurt is really fat-free? Stop believing that. No commercially available product that says “fat-free” is better for you. It’s because the fat is always replaced by refined sugar which is extremely bad for your health.  The fat-free yoghurt that you have been buying contains a percentage of sugar that is in it naturally along with the additional refined sugar added by the marketer or manufacturer. So this makes it even worse than an apple pie or an ice cream. Go for fat-free Greek yoghurt instead and add fruits or honey for additional sweetness.
3.  White Bread
White bread is made with refined flour which is bleached with chlorine and is then treated with bromide. This process strips them of their vital nutrients. At the end, the white bread is left with loads of starch that your body cannot digest and turns it into fat and sugar.
4. Dried Fruits
A handful of dried apricots or raisins or prunes –perfect snack, right? Absolutely not! If you think that dried fruits are equally nutritious as fresh fruits then forget it. Fresh fruits contain water. On the other hand, when they are dried, the water content is reduced and the volume of sugar increases. In fact, often commercially available dried fruits are loaded with refined sugar for enhancing their flavour. Dried fruits actually load you with ample of calories and sugar you are trying to avoid.
5. Margarine
If you thought that butter is bad and chosen margarine over it, then think twice. Butter is actually not that bad for your health. Your body needs saturated fat for its proper functioning. Margarine contains hydrogenated trans-fat oil which is extremely bad for your health and you must avoid it at any cost.
These foods will tantalise your taste buds but at the end of the day, these have absolutely no health benefit. So, it’s better to avoid them.
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