5 Symptoms That Warrant a Visit to a Neurologist
Are you experiencing headaches regularly or chronic neck pain? Often people ignore these symptoms as something relatively non-serious. But these can be a symptom of the neurological disorder. Here’s a list of symptoms that calls for an immediate visit to the neurologist:
1. Headache
Do not ignore headaches. These can be throbbing or you may experience dull sensations across your sinuses, along with the base of the skull, neck and shoulders. An occasional headache is normal. However, frequent headaches accompanied by nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity may indicate migraines.
2. Dizziness
Feeling lightheaded is normal. You may experience this from time to time. However, chronic dizziness is not. Dizziness is of three types: 
•    Presyncope: It is when you feel like you will faint.  The symptoms might include fuzzy hearing,  lightheadedness, nausea, loss of vision.
•    Vertigo:  This is a sensation like you’re moving when you are actually not. This movement is like swaying or spinning.
•    Dissociation: This is a spaced out feeling. You may feel like you are detached from either your surrounding or your body.
3. Tremors
This is an unwanted quivering feeling in a single part or different parts of your body. You may feel tremors in the legs, head, arms, vocal cords and torso. This might result from a malfunction in your brain that controls the muscles of your body. In case of frequent tremors, schedule an appointment with the doctor immediately.
4. Loss of Grip
This may occur due to pain or numbness in your hands caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when your median nerve is pressured at the wrist. Thos suffering from this syndrome often feel tingling and a loss of sensation or pain in their hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops gradually.  Early detection and treatment can help prevent permanent damage to the median nerve.
5. Feeling of Pain or Numbness
If you feel chronic pain and numbness in the body, it’s a sign of sensory nerve damage. Sensory nerves transmit information the skin and muscles back to the spinal cord and brain. The brain then processes the information and you feel pain or numbness. In such cases, you should immediately visit the doctor as this may help to prevent any serious medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases.
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