5 Early Signs of COPD

Source: Everyday HEALTH

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or as we commonly call it COPD is a progressive lung disease characterized by increased breathlessness. fatigue and many other symptoms. Known to be causing 3.17 million deaths every year globally, COPD is often ignored and mistaken for a regular lung infection. So get aware of some of the warning sign of this deadly disease and get yourself treated before its too late.

Frequently running out of breath

Certain symptoms like a feeling of tightness and frequent running out of breath are some of the common signals of COPD. According to the pulmonologist Barry Make, in COPD you often yourself running out of breath while walking, climbing the stairs, and even while not doing anything. If you face any such symptoms consult your pulmonologist right away.

Coughing without reason

Coughing without any visible infections that is worsening over time is another major symptom of COPD. Along with coughing you also notice mucus, that may be different from its normal color and might often contain blood. You gradually start developing wheezing sound while you cough and this is just your COPD getting worst. Consult your physician without any kind of delay.

A headache and lightheadedness

Waking up with a pounding headache is a major sign of COPD. This is because improper pulmonary function causes insufficient oxygen flow to your brain and the percentage of carbon dioxide in your blood increases. Hence you wake up with a bad headache that is often followed by dizziness and lightheadedness.

Swelling of ankles

Lack of sufficient oxygen in the heart strains your heart and lead to accumulation of fluid in your ankles and joints. This might signal at the extreme stages where your COPD seems to be in its worsened condition. Consult your pulmonologist and get your treatment started as soon as possible.

Being tired all the time

Fatigue and exhaustion along with breathlessness is another symptom of COPD. Caused due to insufficient oxygen in the blood, COPD is often characterized by lack of will to do any work and feeling of tiredness all the time.

Other than this unexplained weight loss, insomnia, greenish mucus also signals COPD. It is a deadly disease and should not be ignored even for a day. If you face these above-mentioned symptoms, visit your chest specialist or pulmonologist without any delay.